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          Exploring longevity for the mind and body.

A very warm welcome to Future Proof Futures. Somewhere along life’s journey I managed to fast forward to middle age. Not sure when or how it sneaked up on me  but I know it to be true because the mirror is telling me it did. So I’ve started on a personal journey which I would like to  share with you. I will leave no stone unturned- exploring wealths of knowledge from a wide range of sources focusing on longevity- both of mind and body. I will also investigate the ever expanding plethora of anti-ageing approaches . If I am going to extend my life I don’t intend to live it looking like Miss Havisham.  As we are  heading towards a future where life expectation is extended our lives should also be vibrant and lived to the full. We need to be physically and mentally prepared for this.This journey can be started at any age.

Thank you for taking the time to share in this knowledge – I hope you find it beneficial and find information that helps you to ‘Future Proof your own Future’

              Are you a here for a good time or here for a long time type of person- or do you want both?

The information in my blog posts are not intended to replace the advice of a qualified health care professional.There is no intention for the information to be  medical advice.